Pricing and work conditions


I have a standard rate of EUR 67,50 per hour, excluding VAT (21% VAT in the Netherlands). This reason for this low rate (half or a third of going 'expert' rates) is that I want to be affordable for everyone, including small startups.

An intake is free of charge, as you and I want to get acquainted and to see if we can help each other. After that, all my hours are invoiced on a per-hour base, unless we agree otherwise. I want to spend my time productively, and the time I am spending on your case is time I cannot spend on another client.

Travel time

Travel time is 50% of the normal rate, and includes all transportation costs. I live in Tilburg (postal code 5014), and if your office has a parking spot, I'll come by car. I prefer to do most work remotely from home, to be as productive as possible (although that might not be feasible for training on-the-job, etc.)

Night surplus

I usually don't like to work at night, but sometimes in IT-land, stuff has to be done to prevent downtime during office hours and evenings. Nobody likes it, me neither, and working nights has an impact on my biorhythm and social life. Hence, hours between 23.00 and 06.00 are 150% of the normal rate.


I have a very busy schedule, and I do a lot of my work outside of office hours, or sometimes even at nights if required. I'm quite flexible, but we'll really have to plan things in advance. Unless of course you some work I can pick up on whenever I have time, that will probably get done faster. 


I send invoices every month, even if a project spans a longer period. If you want multiple smaller invoices, we can discuss this as well. I usually send my invoices digitally as PDF file. A prompt payment, in my opinion, is part of a healthy and mutually beneficial business relationship and will improve my enthusiasm in your cause.

Pricing examples

Examples of the applying the above rates:

- You have me do two hours of work from home (or Skype, phone, etc.): 2 x EUR 67,50 = EUR 135.

- You have me come over to your office for a training, presentation, etc. It's an hour drive, and I spend 4 hours on-site: 2 x (50% x 67,50) + 4 x 67,50 = EUR 337,50

- You have me migrate a few web sites and databases at night, working from home. It takes me from 01.00-05.00: 4 x (150% x 67,50) = EUR 405,00