Hongens Automatisering

Ever since 1997 I've been working as an IT-professional. In these past 20 years I've touched on a lot of subjects. In my younger years I worked as a desktop pc mechanic, I made websites, did photoshopping, and a lot more. I started working as an ASP and Flash-programmer, did Windows NT systems administration, installed telephone systems, and much much more. Over the years I specialized in the hosting industry side of things and managing high-performance, scalable web applications.

Nowadays, I wouldn't be able to tell you what laptop to buy, but give me some requirements, a dev team, some operators and an IT budget, and I'll plan you an infrastructure diagram, get a pallet of servers and network equipment physically installed in a hired rack in a secure datacenter, creating a remote-accessible hands-off hosting platform for running your applications using best practices and technologies like virualization. I can then train your people on how to set up all the stuff, how to monitor it, etc.

Since my time is now limited, I probably don't have time to do everything in this process. What I want to do, together with you, is break the work up into smaller blocks with a clearly defined goal and a desired outcome, and consult you on the work you need help with. I know how to maintain and monitor stuff, analyze trends, etc. I can train you or your staff on how to do this, and perhaps how to use new tools that can help to accomplish that goal. Nobody wants to hire a consultant for a big job and end up with a large bill and some vague results.

If you have a problem, and you can't find the cause, I can jump in and help you by debugging and troubleshooting the problem. One of my strong points is that I'm good at analyzing problems, and taking them apart into small bits until I find the cause. I try to find a balance between pragmatism and thoroughness, perhaps at the cost of speed. 

Since I recently moved to the Caribbean, meeting face to face might be a challenge. With the help of Skype, TeamViewer and other tools, meeting shouldn't be a problem!

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